Joineau marc 1982

Marc Joineau Dakar 1982 | The sits are hidden everywhere

After an endless series of punctures, in Gao I'm back in the top ten. In the difficult ring of Gao/Mopti/Gao at the foot of Mount Humbori, I remember for the terrible sharp rocks, I'm going to join Patrick Drobecq to take off in the big fast turns and start my second stage win.

Just imagine: 540 km courses in 10h 06 min, I arrived right at nightfall. Finally here I am again among the first 5, I'm starting to believe I can win this rally. Meanwhile I lose my brother Philippe who falls breaks his foot, and I find myself alone alone on the track, I don't have anyone left who can help me in the fight against the official drivers.

And then comes the damn special evidence of Timbuktu Niono dine 560 km. At first I'm under the illusion that everything is fine. I climb up on my direct competitors and get to the gasoline truck in the middle of nowhere, and dubious provenance.

I fill up with a dubious mixture of gasoline, kerosene and some other fuel and allotment component. After only 10 km after my engine slows down, Mumbles, rattled and abandoned me nailed. Look 6 hours the truck on which I had a backup engine, I mount it but I arrive 50 minutes out of maximum time and I am plagued by a penalty of 15 hours. What a mockery. I didn't deserve it.. I collapsed at the bottom of the leaderboard. Cyril Neveu wins the Dakar 1982 though at the time of my trouble with gasoline I was half an hour ahead of him in the general classification.

I still have the strength to win a special stage before the finish line.
I often think back to that supply and it will pursue me for a long time.

N.d. r. Marc Joineau won 2 stages in the Dakar 1982, and finished 17th in the absolute.

EL FODIL 1982-2

Curious liveries to Dakar 1982

M ' Taich El Fodil had the particularity to decorate its vehicles with the stripes of a zebra, What more appropriate way to blend. Do you know the reason, but at orGNI participation was decorated so that zebra, motorcycle or car that is…


Juan Porcar, and Spain's Bones pioneers to Dakar

One of the names that we cannot forget celebrating the Dakar is to Juan Porcar, that was the first Spanish driver to enter the competition and on top of him riding a motorcycle iberica, the Bones!

Juan Porcar He was a journalist and devoted mainly to follow the worldwide motorcycle information , He competed from time to time, and following the first edition of 1979 He began to think of preparing a motorcycle and attend the Dakar. Project that was able to achieve in 1982.
At that time, was aware that the Dakar rally was a little’ other than what she had known until then.
The assistance of name but not in fact and navigation issues and interpretation of the notes could cause serious problems. Especially the thirst could be fatal in a competition like the Dakar at the time. Unfortunately this was the reason for his abandonment. In the early stages of the race, was lost in the wilderness and remained without water for a few days, until he found a village with a well from which decided to quench your thirst without taking proper precautions.

This choice, depended on the long deprivation, proved to be poor. The water was not just like that of a source of mountain, and Porcar began immediately to suffer from a terrible fever that forced him to abandon. But the adventure did not stop there. Medical assistance reached him in the village where he had found a welcome, but after the first aid and a promise to transfer it with appropriate means ... I forgot!
Porcar had to arrange his repatriation in Spain on its own initiative.

Other times. Today the participants of Dakar they have big media, but then “The African” (as he was affectionately called Juan Porcar) He had logically talking GPS, talking balises, no assistance, not a lot of resources and few replacement parts .

Apart from this distressing adventure, remains the experience of running with a motorbike 2T the Ossa Desert 350 CC with his backpack two pistons, the oil for mixing, a water bottle cage, but especially a tremendous enthusiasm.


Serge Bacou Dakar 1982

1982 Honda XL-1

Honda XL 500 R Dakar 1982

In the Honda were decidedly tired! The Dakar was increasingly becoming a media event Planetarium, and the home of the wing at a distance of 3 years had not yet won!! Yamaha twice and once in the BMW were awarded offroad competition of the moment. To attempt the climb to the top of the leaderboard, This time we decided to make things right. For the edition of 1982, in fact the bike came out prepared directly from the R&D Honda. The prototypes will be branded XL only for marketing reasons (the base is in effect a XR) were ready in September and testing continued incessant, 6000 kilometers traveled by Jeep made it possible to develop a reliable and manageable, ready to unleash 4 pilots hired (Neveu, Rafferty, Vassard and Drobecq) African dunes.

The engine was the classic offset single-cylinder XR led to 550 cm3 which developed around 45 HP, with some tricks to improve reliability, as the oil cooler located below the headlight and protected by a special grid. The Exchange kept the relation to 4 gears with reinforced clutch to resist mistreatment.

The superstructures were modified totally, the tank kept things classic home colors Honda, but he passed by 32lt to 42lt capacity, This required moving toward the rear of the saddle, It was reduced in size and increased in liner. Detail that will make you smile if you read these days, but absolutely not secondary, was the welded plate under the base of the stand to increase the contact surface and prevent burrowing in the sand…This time nothing was to be left to chance!

The brakes, both drum, they were made of magnesium, the front one in particular has a dual cam to operate the two jaws and your stopping power. The sector saw fit to rear suspension for the first time a Mono Showa with ProLink system and a couple of front advanced axle forks.

The combination of all these factors combined with the skill of the pilots, allowed a fantastic result for the House Tokyo, Cyril Neveu won the Dakar, Philippe Vassard finished in second place, Bernard Rigoni in seventh, While Drobecq retires.


Foligno 1982

Pandit and Foligno Dakar 1982

OTHER TIMES – Caesar Pezzoni and Marcus Foligno, two Italian precursors to Dakar 1982.


Cornevaux and Marconi Dakar 1982

François CORNEVAUX on Yamaha XT 500 team Crédit Mutuel Républicain Lorraine came 20th in Dakar in the Edition 1982.

Charbonnier 1982

Thierry Charbonnier Dakar 1982

Thierry CHARBONNIER su Husqvarna 250 2T 8 ° alla dakar 1982.

Auriol 1982

Hubert Auriol Dakar 1982

Hubert Auriol fixes the tire of his BMW during the Dakar 1982.