Ducati 500 P.L. M. Dakar 1981

Ducati 500 P.L. M. Dakar 1981

The amazing Ducati P.L. M. by Xavier Baldet, realized on basis Ducati Pantah led to 52 HP, 150 kg for a maximum speed of 180 kmh. Tubular trellis frame was custom-designed for the realization of this model. Ironically it was the failure of the frame causing the withdrawal of Baldet.


Ducati 500 P.L. M. Dakar 1981

Below a video excerpt which testifies to the disastrous retreat of Baldet.




Cubic capacity: 498,9 CC
RPM: 9.050
Carburetor: Dellorto PHF 36

Clutch: multiple disc q & #8217; oil
Primary drive: helical gears

Forks: Marzocchi 38 PA advanced axle excursion 300 mm.
Shock absorbers: double wishbone excursion 230 mm.
Brakes: drum, front from 160 mm rear 150 mm.

Weight: dry 150 kg
Fuel tank: in kevlar from 46 liters
Maximum speed: 180 kmh

BMW GS  800 1981-3

The official BMW Dakar team 1981

Official BMW team at presentation of the Dakar 1981: Fennel, Auriol and Neimer.
Special tsk www.passion-dakar.com

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Serge Bacou Dakar 1981

Serge Bacou checks personally his Yamaha XT 500 at the start of the Dakar 1981


Magazine Cover – Moto Revue 1981

Cover of the French Magazine Moto Revue with evidence of of Merel (3°), Bacou (2°), Padou (6°), Auriol (1°) at the end of the Dakar 1981

Merel 1981

Michel Merel – Dakar 1981

Michel Merel 3° to Dakar 1981 on Yamaha XT 500.

Elia Andrioletti 1981

Elijah Andrioletti Dakar 1981

Elijah Andrioletti, has been a strong driver of regularity in the years ' 70 harbour in race KTM 495 2Fenwick's team t.

And’ Italian champion of regularity’ in 1973-1976 and European champion in 1976-1977-1978, and victorious 2 times in the Rally of South Africa in 1978-1979.



Yvan Tcherniavsky – Yamaha XT 500

The Frenchman by the name cannot, not classified at the finish of the Dakar 1981, but it did have a large bolt handle!

Photo Gigi Soldano


KTM 495 Fenwick 1981

About the history of this KTM Fenwick Dakar has said it all. In 1981 the KTM importer importer “Royal Motor” prepares and signs up four KTM 495 the Paris Dakar.
These bikes, originally intended for motocross, have proven to be very effective, even though the technology didn't favour us consumption and its 2 strokes, forcing them to huge tanks to increase the autonomy.
Was given to pilots Gilles Francru (#25), Yann Cadoret (# 26) , Elijah Andreoletti (#27) and Philippe Augier (# 28).
One KTM concluded the race, that of Gilles Francru who finished in an excellent final position 5a.