1984Paris Dakar3

BMW GS 1000 Dakar 1984

And’ the 1984 and the BMW is the bike to beat, strong also the victory of Auriol in the previous year! The same applies also in Germany, never change a winning bike. The engine is the classic 1050 CC. from 80 HP, dry weight 173 kg, maximum speed 180 kmh.

The Starter is electric, and it's a nice convenience on a bison like. The tank, designed to lower the center of gravity and improve handling, has a capacity of approximately 56 Lt (!) portando the bike fully loaded in almost 230 kg!!

Further innovation for those times, the development in collaboration with Michelin, a mixed cushion-air Chamber (a kind of inflatable mousse) that allows you to use the very low tire pressure.

On this bike is experienced for the first time rolling road book Double roller for classical with sheets “to lose” in vogue at that time, with significant benefits in the event that the pilot wanted to check old notes in case of loss of the track.
As predicted, the GS hits, upon arrival in Dakar, first Gaston Rahier according to Hubert Auriol.