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The debut of Jordi strip contains

The year of the debut of Jordi strip contains the Dakar is the 1988, Edition in which it participates on a motorcycle of Catalan origin, the Merlin, which of 31st overall and first in the category 500 CC. Jordi Arcarons, fast rider in the desert, won 27 stages in 14 editions in which he participated, almost […]

Ecureuil BMW Dakar 1989

Official BMW twin-cylinder boxer engines using 1020 CC, the team Ecureuil recurs at Dakar 1989 with the same revolutionary bike used the previous year. French is the prerogative of the bike futuristic monocoque made of composite material of carbon fiber and kevlar, that replaces the usual tube frame. The entire shell weighs only 6 kg […]

Suzuki DR 750 BIG Dakar 1988

TIME MACHINE – Our sent have discovered in France the Team Suzuki who was testing the new single with which the House of Hamamatsu will attempt to play the lead role at the next Paris Dakar ' 88. The rumors seem to have a record of displacement 750 CC and a power of about 65 HP. Interesting […]

In memory of Max Malik

Talking and writing about characters who have left an indelible mark in the sport and they are no longer among us is never easy, We have therefore preferred to remember the words of those who knew him well. Maximum Montebelli had participated in seven editions of the Paris-Dakar. In five of these had managed to cross the finish line […]

Honda EXP-2 Dakar 1995

Surely with the simple code of Honda EXP-2 very few will understand what I'm talking about, but this bike was one of the most interesting innovations in the Park competition of Granada Dakar (sigh) of 1995. The motion brought forth by the genius of designers Honda, It was certainly not the first 2s designed for the desert (as we have seen […]

KTM 495 Fenwick 1981

About the history of this KTM Fenwick Dakar has said it all. In 1981 the KTM importer importer “Royal Motor” prepares and signs up four KTM 495 the Paris Dakar. These bikes, originally intended for motocross, have proven to be very effective, even though the technology didn't favour us consumption and its 2 strokes, forcing them to tanks […]

The Arbre du Ténéré

Curiosity. Surely you have heard of Arbre du Ténéré (in French The Arbre du Ténéré). Was an acacia (probably an Acacia tortilis raddiana), He stood alone in the desert of Tenere, It was considered the world's most isolated tree, Since there were no other for a radius of more than 400 kilometers all around. Costituiva un punto di riferimento […]

Hubert Auriol, When the pilot becomes a myth

A root, a root to break both legs. A root to 20 kilometers from the finish. A root on the road to victory at the Dakar. A root in his fate and that of Cagiva. Marc Joinea found Hubert Auriol just metres from that root prey to cries of pain he was trying […]

Gilera RC 600 1991

Presented in 1989, the Gilera RC 600 comes with single-cylinder engine 569 CC, delivered 48 CV to 7.250 RPM, and had double four valve controlled by a rubber timing belt, the monolithic tree with biella in Hat, liquid cooling and electric ignition digital and single cradle frame. The […]

Team Honda Dakar 1985

Honda to the Paris Dakar 1985: Vinod B #93, Alessandro De Petri (Ciro) #94, Cyril Neveu #95, Gilles Lalay #96, a Squadron which did not have much luck, Neveu was the best at the finish line rated 5°, Anita 15° Crossbowmen and Dalia withdrew.