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DAKAR 1988 | “But that's not a tuareg!”

Taken from: Gazzetta dello Sport 16 January 1988 Text of: Text: Enrico Minazzi TESSALIT (Mali) — The Customs Officer of Niger, basque green on the head identical to that of our Yellow Flames, had just finished asking for the ritual" cadeaux, monsieur" (Gifts, Sir) in the purest local style. Shirts (also dirty and used), skidded trousers, Stickers, Cappellini. […]

Edwards, the German of Bergamo

Born in 1957 in Bergamo, Franco Gualdi approached the world of motorcycles for the passion transmitted by his father who was riding Motobi, MV and Devil and so as a young man he took part in the very first regional enduro races. His biography tells of only two Dakar, one of which is not even finished and of […]

Dakar 2002 | The regret of Giò Sala

Concluding the “Dakar” 2002 Sixth Giovanni Sala scored its best performance since, in ' 98, He began his adventure in the most established and hard African rally. At the onset had in fact concluded 17°, in ' 99 he was rated 7° and had grasped the first stage win, in 2000 had been forced […]

1986-2021 | They've passed 35 years since Sabine's farewell

The helicopter envied him all. They could hear him coming from afar as we trudge on the track. Holes, Jumps, Dust. Especially dust. That impalpable fech fech through which not only can you not see, but you don't even breathe. He passed and from the belly of the Ecureil of Aerospatiale a giant lettering fired: Thierry Sabine. It was not possible to confuse him. Is […]

Dakar 1996 | Winkler's Call to Dakar

Were 4 years that I no longer did the Dakar, i missed it, i finally get better organized and fix the work commitments. In 1991 Nikon decided to assign the distribution to our group, and you had to make a new company the nital in the footsteps of the swa, have been years of fire where obviously not […]

Jordi Arcarons | A life dedicated to Dakar

The former Catalan driver participated 16 times at the legendary race, debuting in the 1987 and running for the last time and in the car in the 2003 with the BMW. “The Dakar for me is a race that has a very important human part and a competition that requires following a roadbook in the race and is a constant […]

Dakar 1991 | One more 2×2 to the starting tapes

This time motorcycles 2×2 (two-wheel drive) on duty are those of the Auribault brothers (Philippe and Erik) who have modified Yamaha XT 600. Additional transmision takes strength outside the chain pinion where a conical pair is placed; there is also a cardan joint with an extensible rigid shaft (to allow you to steer) conneo to the […]