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DAKAR 2003 | The next day's budget by Gio Sala and Arnaldo Nicoli

intervista di Danilo Sechi I frenetici ritmi imposti dal Rally Dakar sono alle spalle, i campioni dell’enduro Giovanni Sala e Arnaldo Nicoli – among the protagonists of this year's Race on African Soil that ended on the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt – have resumed their usual activities, i loro pensieri sono già rivolti ai prossimi […]

DAKAR 1998 | Aldo Winkler's Latest Effort

Dakar is like a disease gets into your blood and you don't get rid of it anymore. The work had become very demanding and the time available was scarce. But the Dakar was changing, potevi comprare una moto KTM già pronta per I’Africa, almost equal to the official ones, a dream! Beautiful! Potevi fare il kit assistenza […]

Have you ever wondered: because Dakar?

Why Dakar? Have you ever stopped to think about why Sabine decided to end her adventure in the capital of Senegal? Several times we have tried to trace the origin of the choice, looking for certain information. The only things you find are hypotheses. Certain, Sabine will surely have looked for a city overlooking the sea, with a […]

DAKAR 1986 | Sparks in BMW!

Cao – The link between Belgian Gaston Rahier and BMW. who scored two wins (bike) in the last two editions of the Paris-Dakar, it's going to melt. And not without controversy. The spark was sparked on Wednesday 15 January. while the rally was moving from Niamey to Gao. During a special long and long test […]

DAKAR 1996 | Edi's dedication

A great feat – says Edi Orioli – I convinced everyone, even those who wouldn't bet a dime on me. But unfortunately this success tastes a little’ different from the previous ones. I miss a person who has always been able to share this joy with me, my first fan. […]

Dakar 1995 | Sarron, New100, from the track to the sand

Four hours in the morning, Goulimine in central Morocco. It's still dark. Thermometer fights to display a positive temperature. Christian Sarron plays down and heads to breakfast. Looking worried, the world champion of the 250 (in '84) grabs the small aluminum tray that contains an egg. He doesn't have a spoon. With […]

Dakar 1987 – Belgarda, New, confidence in the mono

After Marinoni's forfeit is Peak the foreman After the success of Franco Picco in the Rally of the Pharaohs the credentials of Yamaha – Belgarda are very high; the value of the pilots is out of the question: will go down in the Peak race, Medardo and Grasso to replace Andrea Marinoni who will not be able to run due to the aftermath of an accident. […]

Yamaha's history of Dakar

After being the pioneer of the new category “Trail” with the DT-1 and then established itself as a motocross leader with the Monocross suspension, Yamaha has begun the development of two more epochal models for the now thriving off-road market in the United States: TT500 enduro, exit in the 1975, and the dual-purpose XT500, exit in the 1976. […]