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DAKAR 1998 | YAMAHA dominates, but Austria Korps are pressing

And’ was the victory race – the number 6 and a record – annunciata e scontata di Stéphane Peterhansel e della sua Yamaha 850 twin-cylinder. If for the driver French there is the satisfaction of having overtaken Cyril Neveu, standing at 5, for the Japanese company is the number 9. E probabilmente sarà l’ultima poiché […]

DAKAR 1990 | Gilera, the greatest adventure

di Giuseppe Dell’Olio Parigi e Dakar: names identifying two cities on paper Between them a thin tormented line drawn with ink: it's the line of adventure today, a line that in a handful of centimeters encloses thousands of kilometers of competition La Paris-Dakar is a tough race, una gara di uomini e di mezzi […]

DAKAR 1986 | Graziano Rossi's moto guzzi test 750

Ed: dutiful thought for those who provided us with this article, Pietro Manganoni is the true soul of Moto Guzzi at Dakar, as well as Bergamasco doc in the trenches at this hard time for his city and we all. Thank you. test di Graziano Rossi Anche se le foto di questa prova non saranno eccezionali, colpa della giornata uggiosa […]


Nouakchott (Mauritania) – “Africa I made it practically by myself and this more than a merit is a trouble, the biggest trouble that can happen to those running a Paris-Dakar. I still don't know if I'll be the winner, I hope for the Cagiva, per il pubblico italiano che si aspetta di vedere per la […]

Dakar 1986 | Franco Picco, two hours for bullshit

The stage is Agadez-Dirkou. It crosses the Desert of Ténéré on a fairly flat bottom and all of sand. It's a fortune, because the day before I dislocated my shoulder and I have a small fracture in my hand. I can drive with one hand, for some traits. Ho superato il momento di maggior […]

Dakar | Survival in a briefcase

In the two briefings that institutionally opened the Dakar, Paris and the one on the ship that took him to Algiers, Thierry Sabine never tired of repeating it if you get lost never abandon your vehicle. Never. Man's instincts, In fact, in these unusual cases it betrays : pushes you to seek help, ma il primo aiuto un corridore […]

Dakar 1992 | The premiere of Patrizio Fiorini

It was my first Dakar, my best. Abbandonai in fondo al Ténéré, and there, I was loaded onto the balai truck, abandoning and losing my bike forever. The next stage was neutralized in a transfer that went down in history as more dangerous than the special, N'Giugmi to N'Djamena. After that stage, no more no retreating […]

Dakar 1988 | Gilera R1 125 Paris Dakar

The discovery of the only surviving specimen of the two gilera 125 R1 who participated in the 10. the Paris-Dakar edition, which took place in January 1988, gave us the cue to tell a forgotten story. A story that is all the more important when we consider that with this participation Gilera wrote for the first time the […]