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Jean Claude Olivier and his Sonauto

Around Thierry Sabine had created a Cenacle. Adventure. A posse of followers that you accodavano the Messiah. There were “Fennel”, Neveu, Auriol, Comte, Vane… All bikers, the well-beloved. Who stood out in the Group was Jean-Claude Olivier. Personality and intelligence, a natural predisposition for organization. And, as not enough, Centaur himself. Aveva dato una grossa […]

DAKAR 1987 – Disqualification challenged by Dalia

NIAMEY – Is the hot afternoon of 14 January, in the morning the competitors of Paris-Dakar have abandoned the comforts of the capital of Niget, sharing a breeze for Gao. The pool at the luxury Hotel Gaweye only riders withdrawn from the year's toughest race and some reporter; in una decina delle […]

Fennel, Africa as a destiny

And a chapeau is not enough when you meet, talking or writing about Jean-Claude Morellet, class 1946, a childhood spent in Cameroon. Already, Africa as a destiny, even before you start. A degree in philosophy, on the barricades in Paris, the restless, 68 French, He entered the drafting of “Moto Journal”, the most important magazine. From […]

Ducati 500 P.L. M. Dakar 1981

The amazing Ducati P.L. M. di Xavier Baldet, realized on basis Ducati Pantah led to 52 HP, 150 kg for a maximum speed of 180 kmh. Tubular trellis frame was custom-designed for the realization of this model. Ironically it was the failure of the frame causing the withdrawal of Baldet. […]

Claudio Towers Dakar 1985

Claudio Towers to the Paris Dakar 1985, come si legge dagli articoli di giornale dell’epoca la moto è MotoGuzzi di serie, by changing only the drain and reservoir for the occasion, made by Acerbis in aluminium. Claudio Towers sees Dim dream of reaching Dakar because its battery went to pieces and forced him to retire. Dobbiamo ricordare che in quell’occasione […]

HONDA NXR 750 Tamiya model François Charliat

After several articles devoted to road bikes or racing, This time we're back speaking of offroad extreme, because the protagonist is the Queen of this kind of races, i.e. the Paris-Dakar. The model under consideration is the Honda NXR 750, African Marathon winner 1986 with Frenchman Cyril Neveu. The bike, […]

CARLOS MAS model of Dakar 1990

Tratto da un articolo di Motociclismo Sull’onda della Dakar molti appassionati di collezionismo si sono cimentati nella creazione di veri e propri prototipi che le grandi case di modellismo non avevano messo a catalogo. This XTZ 740 è nata dalla voglia di riprodurre e far rivivere in scala ridotta la sfida ai grandi spazi di […]

Gilera RC 600 Dakar 1991

Che la Gilera RC 600 It was a good bike Nobody doubted. The victory in the previous edition and eighth place overall (only sophisticated prototypes in front of him), constituted an excellent calling card for the Thumper Arcore. The Gilera and Medardo have gone beyond expectations with a performance very similar to that of the prototypes. […]

Dakar 86 – The diary of Aldo Winkler

After long preparations and emotions, a heck of a time stolen at work but it was not enough especially to work out the details on the bike. Departure for Paris arrival in Rouen and handling in the same city red tape of the race, momentum transfer at Versailles (that cold) a little episode when we left […]