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Dakar 1997: Peterhansel is from another planet

It was an issue still marred by bereavement: Jean-Pierre Leduc muore (is the 33rd victim from 1979) the 5 January, the second day of competition at a special very hard. The French rider, 45 years, a wife and a son, He fell into a deep pit at km 247 della speciale e la sua […]

Edi Orioli, the strategist

The curiosity of the unknown has blood running in Rivulets, given the choices made in his long racing career. Ma ciò che emerge prepotentemente dall’elenco, long, He has participated in competitions and achievements, is the strategic capability. Without whose talent may not even succeed. Of experience it has to sell: in totale ha […]

Ermanno Ban preparation for the Dakar 1989

The preparation of my Yamaha in my usual basement 3×4 meters. Whenever I try a test, to bring out my Yamaha had to disassemble all the tanks and put them back! The front wheel and the fork I was kindly lent by my girlfriend who had a Suzuki 125 RM. Per far funzionare il trip del Yamaha TT occorreva modificare un rinvio del […]

The 16 Italian heroes to Dakar 1990

No one would dream of calling them Blues, Why after twenty days of competition much blues are no longer. They tend rather to light brown, covered with mud and sand far beyond the limits of the imagination. Though they arrived too in Dakar, Maybe with some risk in less of the officers, but a lot of, so much effort in more. Sono i nostri […]

Irish adventure to Dakar 1998

There will always be those who argue that the real Dakar rally took place on the African continent. They are right, Since this was, after all, the original concept – the love of founder Thierry Sabine for the Saharan region and motorsport, gathered together in one spectacular event. And while African rallies have never been days of innocence, quelli […]

Dakar 1989 – The unforgettable Guinea

TAMRACOUNDA – Top view Guinea is an emerald set in the desert. For the crews of the 11th Paris Dakar, though, is a green hell, furrowed from the red laterite trails are treacherous roads, fast but slippery. On his third impact with the jungle the most grueling rally the world has rediscovered that is not […]

Jean Claude Olivier and his Sonauto

Around Thierry Sabine had created a Cenacle. Adventure. A posse of followers that you accodavano the Messiah. There were “Fennel”, Neveu, Auriol, Comte, Vane… All bikers, the well-beloved. Who stood out in the Group was Jean-Claude Olivier. Personality and intelligence, a natural predisposition for organization. And, as not enough, Centaur himself. Had given a big […]

DAKAR 1987 – Disqualification challenged by Dalia

NIAMEY – Is the hot afternoon of 14 January, in the morning the competitors of Paris-Dakar have abandoned the comforts of the capital of Niget, sharing a breeze for Gao. The pool at the luxury Hotel Gaweye only riders withdrawn from the year's toughest race and some reporter; in una decina delle […]

Fennel, Africa as a destiny

And a chapeau is not enough when you meet, talking or writing about Jean-Claude Morellet, class 1946, a childhood spent in Cameroon. Already, Africa as a destiny, even before you start. A degree in philosophy, on the barricades in Paris, the restless, 68 French, He entered the drafting of “Moto Journal”, the most important magazine. From […]