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The Italians to Dakar 1983

Did we mention that the Italian athletes have been unlucky, but until it can speak of bad luck and not of disorganization? Two Italian teams were present at the Paris-Dakar, the Morini assisted by Valentini and composed by Massimiliano Flyers, Gianni Gagliotti and Leandro Caruso. with the addition of Marcus Foligno, un privato […]

Cyril Neveu: in 1984 I'll drive!

At the end of the Fifth Edition (1983 NDR.) the Paris-Dakar race won by Auriol, its main antagonist, Cyril Neveu, Maybe has given the biggest news of the day. "I don't know if I'll return to ride a bike — said the pilot 26 enne — i motociclisti in questa corsa sono obbligati a rischiare in modo eccessivo […]

Dream, o son desto? Patrick Faure Dakar 1990

I don't know why, but this morning I woke up with this picture in my head: Niamey ' 90, at camp we meet the Dakar bivouac. Gigi Algiers, Fabio Marcaccini, Max Malik, I, a young tourist travelling around Africa with father, e il grande viaggiatore solitario Luigi Sala (about BMW) serving spaghetti with Italian Dakariani. Foto scattata […]

The 125 in the history of the Dakar

Text: Romolo Ciancamerla Usare il termine “avventura” nel definire la partecipazione alla Dakar con una ottavo di litro, It is hardly a stretch: If you already participate in and finish this race with a motorcycle of engine capacity and adequate power is reserved for the chosen few, tentare di farlo con una moto di tale cilindrata è veramente […]

Nani Roma and “fear of winning”

Dakar 2002 – From the fourth to the seventh stage Nani Roma is leading the General, at Zouerate in the eighth, Meoni takes the lead. Nani starts his pursuit: the twelfth the two are in close proximity and with minimum detachment reaching Tichit in Mauritania. It takes only two decisive stages for the final victory of the Dakar 2002. […]

Pujol Isidro e Giò Dakar Room 2002

In this video of the Dakar 2002 We highlight some very exciting aspects related to this race: the first is the extraordinary solidarity that exists between the bikers. GIO Sala does not hesitate a moment to succor Isidre Pujol found along the track, While there are those who Dodge at the last and doesn't stop. Not least […]

King among Kings – Nani Roma

The long March of Nani Roma towards the final victory in the African race harder, a life to Dakar. by Guido Conter it's past midnight somewhere now. The whole world wakes up at lunchtime after having drank and danced to celebrate the start of the 1996. Juan Roma Cararach wakes up in the head […]

Walter Surini to the finish in Cape Town in 1992

Twice at the start and twice at the finish, back in ' 91 in Dakar, 36th, in Cape Town, 20th. Walter Surini has again shown to have the ability and temperament to deal with grueling African Marathon. Defending the colors of Kawasaki LP Italy paid off the great trust accorded him by bringing the 500 Kle twin-cylinder four-stroke a […]

Cagiva elephant Marathon Dakar 1994

The wealthiest enthusiasts, celebrated the birth of the regulation Marathon for Paris-Dakar 1994, that would make it to the use of means of direct derivation by means of series (choice who slew the expensive official prototypes). Cagiva set up then the 944 Marathon, that was the basis for the motorcycle driven by team CH Racing by Roberto […]

Yamaha YZE OW08 850 Dakar 1993

In 1993 We ran the 15th edition of the Paris-Dakar, tough competition through the African wilderness, from Paris and arriving in the capital of Senegal. Strange issue with only 46 bike that presented themselves at the start and all it has distinguished the Yamaha YZE Sephane Peterhansel's OWD8, winner of the two previous editions. A truly unique piece, even more so than rare this […]