Bivacco 1998

Stage finish at Dakar 1998

Gian Paolo Quaglino, himself gentleman-veteran of crossistiche sources, just like Winkler with whom he shared middle ranking positions throughout the rally. Here we see committed to fix his Honda; in the background are Maximum Chinaglia, with the only Gilera in race, and Emanuele Chari, that they failed to reach the finish line of the Dakar 1998.

  • Davide Cicolin

    Hi, I think there is a mistake in your description of people in the background. I suppose “Emanuele Chari” is not correct (there is no such name in partecipant list), instead “Emanuele Chari” is present in the photo with #87.
    I take this opportunity to greet Emanuele Cristanelli, wherever you are …..