Balestrieri 1986-2

Vinod b and the podium at Dakar 1986

He was the only Italian among the officers not to win a special stage at Dakar 1986, but in the end, Vinod B was the best with the third position proving a great passista. Dowry conferred him at least as much as that of an exceptional Navigator.

"I have finished the race in two hours and fifteen minutes from Neveu explains Crossbowmen and can tell you exactly where I got this delay: an hour and a half left in the Ténéré and surroundings, another half hour just arrived near the border with Senegal, in Red, where did I go wrong track. I took one seemingly parallel, that led me astray. But at that point I had to attempt even though the posting was important and there were not many chances to recover on two cylinders of Neveu and Anita».

You've had, After the race, a chance to try all the bikes featured this year in testing arranged for printing. What were your impressions?

"In two words I can say that the Yamaha FZ 750 is exaggerated, but an unfavorable utilization curve, Besides being too heavy. And’ a monster hard to steer, So congratulations to Olivier Yamaha mono is more or less similar to our Honda. Altogether are equivalent. The twin-cylinder Honda has good power, distributed very well, but you can still work on the frame, While the BMW surprised me altogether: good engine, great couple, good driveability. It is not surprising, in fact: first with Auriol then with Rahier, BMW has done a great deal of experience, now the exploit.

Source motosprint