14 January 1986: nothing will be as before

The 14 January 1986, As always, chasing the race aboard his chopper white. Perhaps due to the excessive weight or poor visibility due to a sandstorm, We'll never know –, the aircraft crashed to the ground. With Thierry Sabine, die the French singer Daniel Balavoine, the journalist Nathaly Odent, the helicopter pilot, François Xavier-Bagnoud and radio technician Jean-Paul Le Fur.

It is a shock for the caravan, but the race goes on.

"I bring to Adventure doors, but it's up to you to open them to tempt fate»

He repeated the creator of Dakar. And challenge the desert is also play with life, jumping on the crest of the dunes or dancing on the sand to over 200 kilometers per hour.

The accident remains the one with the worst budget in the history of the Dakar. Sabine's ashes will be scattered beneath the famous "last tree", near where I wandered the street ten years before.

In that Edition was killed the Japanese motorcycle racer Yasuo Kaneko, hit by a motorist. Will be the most tragic Dakar history with six deaths.